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The People of Magic
There are some very different types of Magic in the world today. For example there is Disney Witches and Wizards Magic, Harry Potter Witches and Wizards Magic AND The Real World of Witches Wizards and Magic. The total amount of money spent on Witches and Wizards and Magic exce...

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The Hekate VS The Hecate:
Many people object to the "christian spelling" of the name of Hekate and wonder about the inclusion of Venus. The original dedication ceremony used Hekate and Aphrodite which would mean secularly "For the Love of the Witches" to the person it was dedicated for. Venus is ...

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What Has Changed in the World?

2013 Euromaidan in The Ukraine

2017 Pagan, Neo-Pagan and Wicca religions are officially recognized by United States of America Military. Thereby protecting them in the United States of America

2018 White Nationalists and other White Supremacists kill m...

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This is a Witch Shine and Sanctuary Created by Zeena LaVey Shreck for her father Anton Szandor LaVey and family. Arguably the most famous United States Ukrainian Pagan and Satanist author of all time he remains famous to this day. Hidden for years and shrouded in mystery his activities in Los Ang...

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Book excerpt:
This one's about redemption for all the sinners and the saints, for all the evil that men do in Christ's name. This one’s about the biggest sharpest stick in the eye we could poke at some Christians we could, because you had to seek their redemption before receiving the fruits of yo...

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Anton LaVey’s Church in Southern California has different history that predates the Northern California church. It included classical paganism and The Hekates. During the years 1965-2003? it was/is the [Ukrainian] Pagan Church in exile in Los Angeles. It was owned by a Ukrainian Celt family. The ...

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Book Excerpt:
The History of The UNCOS “Pagan” Hecate Memorial Los Angeles 40 years ago.
The internationally recognized original UNCOS Hecate Memorial Los Angeles (@the_hekate) started as the Ukrainian National Church Coalition in exile under the USSR over 40- 50 years ago.This was done to repres...

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Hidden Racism:
Sometimes there is hidden racism in ordinary words we use, and sometimes the definition changes over time. The impact of the U.S.A.'s cultural usage of words is large. Just remember to always ask if you are in doubt: Are you a racist? If they say yes, then jus...

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The Hekate

The Hekate Sanctuary and Shrine of The Crossroads (Hekate Aphrodite, Hecate Venus) was dedicated by a [un-named] coalition church in a classical greek and roman fashion to Hekate and Venus. Located in Redlands CA it represents the Los Angeles CA coalition church of the classical, neo-classical and modern pagan religions. It’s operating focus is on humanism and diplomatic recognition and negotiation.

The sanctuary is currently closed except by appointment only. 
This was the église d’opposition, שָׂטַן, церква опозиції opozytsiyna tserkva, Oppositionskirche, Kościół opozycyjny, opoziční kostel ] They represented in general the tribal indigenous ancient and modern religions of the first peoples. Called the people of the pagans path or collectively the pagan nation in the 1970's by American Indian Movement nations — currently they are considered the Pagan, Neo-Pagan and Wicca religions in the United States.

This was the religious organization that started recognizing the legitimacy of the world's indigenous religions in the United States as well as fighting for the religious civil rights of safe passage, safe sanctuary and safe surrender in California 70+ years ago.

March 31 2017 these religions are now US Department of Defense recognized religions for US armed forces to practice and they can now wear the insignia on duty as well as carry religious materials with them. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the people that made this possible.
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